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Forex Business Excellency


What is Business Excellence?

Business Excellence, as described by the Cypris Business Excellence Award Organization, refers to; ”Outstanding practices in managing the organisation and achieving results, all based on a set of eight fundamental concepts”, these being, “results orientation; customer focus; leadership and constancy of purpose; management by processes and facts; people development and involvement; continuous learning, innovation and improvement; partnership development; and public responsibility”.  This definition serves as a typical example of those put forward today.


In general, business excellence models have been developed by national bodies as a basis for award programmes. For most of these bodies, the awards themselves are secondary in importance to the wide-spread take up of the concepts of business excellence, which ultimately lead to improved national economic performance. By far the majority of organisations that use these models do so for self-assessment, by which they can identify improvement opportunities, areas of strength, and use the model as a framework for future organisational development.

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